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Prince Harry tells Zak Williams he was ‘unable’ to mourn Princess Diana

Courtesy of Apple, Prince Harry once again opened up about his mother’s death, telling Robin Williams’ son Zak that they both shared the strange experience of mourning a famous relative in such a way. less obvious than their parents’ fans. Health documentary series starring Oprah Winfrey which premiered on Apple TV + last week. Zak Williams, who is a mental health activist and recovering, was one of the contributors to the original show and returned for the new episode which followed a town hall structure. feeling vulnerable, Harry said: “We have a lot of shared experience. When you talk about that… when you see so many people around the world crying for someone… you feel like they know him better than you, in a weird way, because you can’t cry . The Queen was ‘stunned’ by Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey’s mental health series.Another celebrity guest on the original show, Glenn Close, also appeared in the new installment. Close said her family were so ashamed of their history of mental illness that they covered it up, and added that she herself was ashamed of not realizing that her sister was having suicidal urges. was supportive of his wife Meghan when she was suicidal in a previous episode, and he returned to the theme by saying, “There’s an element of shame that we feel because we’re like, ‘How could we have not to have seen it? How could we not know? How did you not feel comfortable enough to share this with me? But we all know that when people are hurting or struggling, we are all incredibly good at covering it up. Speaking of suggestions for helpful ways to talk to a suicidal person, Harry said: ‘So many people are afraid [to have] this conversation because they don’t feel they have the right tools to give the right advice. But what you mean is you are there. Because listening and being a part of this conversation is without a doubt the best first step you can take. Harry opened the bonus episode by saying that he believes climate change and mental health are the two greatest challenges of our time, and that they are. “The connecting line is about our collective well-being and when our collective well-being is eroded, it affects our ability to ultimately be stewards of ourselves, our communities, and our planet. culture for each other where challenges don’t have to live in obscurity, where vulnerability is healthy and encouraged and, of course, where physical and mental health can be treated the same because they are one. Harry also reiterated his criticism of the effects of social media on children, saying, “I have a real feeling that so many parents don’t feel equipped to be able to deal with these issues because so many people think there is ‘mental illness’ and then there is ‘quite another.’ And that “ everything else ” is the day-to-day stress or the anxieties of, whether it’s gambling, whether it’s social media, whether it’s screen isolation … all that sort of thing. How can we collectively, as a society, prepare and make parents feel more comfortable and better equipped to be able to cope with the daily stress or the daily ignorance of what your children are going through? growing up in this world that we have made it possible to create, and which I believe is making us sicker. For more, check out The Daily Beast. Beast Daily Subscription: Beast Inside delves deeper into the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

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