Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Wednesday that every family in Goa would get up to 300 units of free electricity per month if his Aam Aadmi (AAP) party was elected to power in the Assembly elections of the state.

Elections to Goa’s 40-member Legislative Assembly are scheduled for February next year.

“Each family will receive up to 300 units per month of free electricity,” Kejriwal told reporters in Panaji.

“If the people of Delhi can get free electricity, then why not get it for free for the people of Goa,” he said. Although Goa is an electricity surplus state, there are frequent blackouts in the coastal state, he added.

Kejriwal criticized MPs who left Congress and other parties to join the BJP after the last legislative elections in Goa.

According to the numbers, those who should have been in opposition now run the state and those who should have been in power are now in opposition, he added.

“These deputies who switched sides said they were joining the BJP to do people’s jobs. Did they do people’s jobs as they claimed? Now people are saying that they have switched sides to attract money. People feel betrayed, ”he said.

Thousands of Goans say they will not vote for the BJP or for Congress in the next election, Kejriwal said.

“Goa wants change. People want a clean policy, ”he said.