Bill Ryan asks: I have two questions. The first begins with the location of the stadium. I think the downtown location should be a natural selection, where it would rejuvenate the neighborhood and clean up some of the buildings and vacant lots that have been there for years. However, my question is why is it intended to be located in Erie County? If we are going to set up an outdoor stadium, why is it located in the Snowbelt? My idea would be to locate it north of the Pembroke exit on the Thruway, a little west of Oakfield. Several advantages ensue, mainly a much better weather. Second, we would provide better access to fans in Rochester and Syracuse, where we need them to support the fan base. In terms of time, I also don’t think it would add much travel time for a Canadian fan. The second question concerns Jake Fromm. I was sorry to see him leave without having had the opportunity to see his abilities. I thought Josh Allen and Fromm would have been a dynamic duo. Do the Bills get compensation for losing it? And if so, is it based on his time spent with his new team (the Giants)? Once the Giants regain their full strength with their quarterbacks, and he can be sent back to the practice squad, can the Bills get him back?

Jay: The only two options that have been discussed with real consideration for the new stadium have been downtown and Orchard Park, and the state said this week that if the Bills want him to cross the street where it is the current stage, he will go along with that desire. This has long seemed like the most logical outcome, given the cost involved with any downtown project. The majority of the team’s supporters come from Erie and Niagara counties – building a stadium north of the Pembroke exit wouldn’t suit them. It doesn’t make a lot of sense in my mind to anger the majority of the fans to please the minority that comes from Rochester or Syracuse.

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