CNBC’s Jim Cramer said on Wednesday that investors are expected to start munching on some battered stocks after the market fell following the announcement of the first case of the Covid omicron variant in the United States

“For days I told you we were waiting for the other shoe to fall and it just fell today, but in this market a shoe does not fall overnight,” said the host of ” Mad Money, ”explaining that he believes coronavirus concerns will once again weigh on major US stock averages.

“If you wait too long to buy these stocks cheaply and omicron becomes nothing more than a runny nose for the vaccinated – even if the unvaccinated exercise their God-given right to hospitalization and death – I think you’ll look back and kick yourself for missing out on some of those obvious buying opportunities, ”Cramer said.

Here are four stocks held by Cramer’s charitable trust that he thinks long-term investors should consider buying at those levels.


“Right now, Disney is being held back by the omicron variant and a disappointing Disney + subscriber count.… That stock won’t stay horrible forever,” Cramer said the same day, Disney hit a new 52-week low at $ 142.04 per share. .

That’s because Disney is an “iconic company,” Cramer said, describing it as a “broken stock,” not a broken company. “You really mean to tell me that they can’t fix Disney + by coming up with something new? That’s absurd,” he said. “They might not even need anything new – the ‘Mandalorian’ is coming back next year.”

Pay Pal

“I know some sellers are motivated by PayPal’s not-so-hot chart. I’m motivated by the fact that the stock is down 131 points from its high of $ 310,” Cramer said. “It would be one thing if the franchise collapsed, but the next quarter is the last time PayPal will be weighed down by its overhang of its eBay affiliate past. Again, it’s a buy.”


Even though Mastercard recently increased its stock purchase program to $ 8 billion and increased its dividend by 11%, Cramer said shares of the payment processor were affected by fears of a slowdown in international trade thanks to to the omicron variant.

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“I know these payment stocks are hated here. I don’t think Mastercard is quite ready to bottom at these levels, but it’s a lot closer to bottom than a few months ago,” he said. he declared.

Wynn Resorts

Shares of the casino operator are down nearly 50% from their 52-week high earlier this year, raising its market cap to $ 8.8 billion at Wednesday’s close.

“It’s much too low considering their properties [in Las Vegas and Macau]”Cramer said.” I think this company could easily be acquired by an MGM or by Las Vegas Sands – they know the physical properties and the brand is the best in the show. Believe me, insiders would love to cash in. “

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