the Goleta City Council this week we reviewed the budget for the proposed capital improvement program for the next two years.

Thirty-six projects are included in the work program for the 2021-2022 fiscal year, with a total project cost estimated at more than $ 225 million, according to James Campero, deputy director of public works.

Most projects have grants and associated deadlines, he said.

Goleta Capital Improvement Program (CIP) staff and Neighborhood services the staff will manage the projects, Campero said, adding that they are working “diligently” on the projects.

“It’s a tough job,” he says. “We are dealing with fairly large projects and investments in our city and our community.”

Scroll down to see Goleta’s 175-page staff report and presentation to city council.

“It was an excellent report,” said Mayor Paula Perotte. “Lots of great information.”

The overall cost to complete the CIP budget is around $ 240.7 million over the next five years, city staff said.

Goleta faces a funding gap of around $ 108.5 million, given the myriad of cost and project increases over the years.

Goleta city council is expected to approve a two-year financial plan during its next regular meeting scheduled for Tuesday. The two-year financial plan will authorize Goleta’s operating and CIP budgets for the next two fiscal years.

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Draft plans for the Ekwill Street and Fowler Road extension project in Goleta. (Courtesy card)

The operating and ICP budgets adopted for the 2022-2023 fiscal year will be reviewed next year as part of the mid-cycle budget process.

For fiscal year 2021-2022, projects in the final stages of design and / or construction include areas of the San Jose Creek Bike Path, the Goleta Road Safety Study, the Calle Real pedestrian crossing and of the Fairview Center, and pavement rehabilitation, others.

Campero emphasized that final design and construction are the most labor-intensive and critical phases of projects.

“It is an exciting time, but also a stressful time for our team,” he said.

the Ekwill Street and Fowler Road Extension Project will be “built as the largest and most expensive project in the history of the city,” Campero said.

Construction costs are estimated at over $ 35 million, “with a majority of that funding coming from grants,” he said.

The project is in the design phase, and it will build Ekwill Street through Old Town Goleta from Kellogg Avenue to Fairview Avenue and extend South Kellogg Avenue to Technology Drive, a city ​​staff report said.

The new streets will have two-lane roads and will include bicycle lanes, sidewalks and boardwalks. Plans for the project also call for the addition of roundabouts – two at Hollister Avenue and the Highway 217 interchange, and one at the intersection of Pine Avenue and Ekwill Street.

The project aims to improve traffic on Hollister Avenue, as well as provide new east and west corridors in Old Town, according to tentative plans.

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“These are priority projects that staff will be working on over the next fiscal year,” said James Campero, deputy director of public works at Goleta. “There are 36 projects presented. “(Courtesy graphic)

Several projects proposed in the 2021-2022 budget are under environmental review and in the design phase, including the nearly $ 27 million project for the San Jose Creek bike path (north and south segments) , plus a more than $ 23 million project for a new Santa Barbara County fire station for western Goleta, and an approximately $ 8 million project for improvements to the Goleta Community Center on Hollister Avenue .

Goleta City Council, in a special meeting on Tuesday, unanimously approved to order staff to continue funding and submit a pre-application package for funding for the No.10 Fire Station project. .

Goleta staff conducted preliminary conversations with California Infrastructure Economic Development Bank, and he indicated that Fire Hall No. 10 and the approximately $ 14.8 million for construction “would be a good complement” to its state revolving fund program for infrastructure, which is the same program of funding that Goleta used to buy his town hall.

If the pre-application is approved, Goleta would be invited to submit a full application and formally apply, according to a staff report. Goleta will seek approval from council to formally submit funding.

Improvements to the Goleta Community Center include millions of dollars that can be funded from a potential Federal Emergency Management Agency grant, according to city staff.

Goleta City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved setting aside nearly $ 1.3 million from the city’s “balance / reserves” of the city’s general fund for possible match with FEMA grant for the project. of the Goleta Community Center, should no further federal funding or grants become available.

“It is so necessary,” Pro Tempore Mayor James Kyriaco said after seconding the motion.

City Councilor Roger Aceves thanked city staff for their report.

“It’s big, and for our constituents, it’s the council’s promise coupled with our budget to get things done,” he said. “We will have a second conversation when the budget is presented to us so that we can prioritize and fund the projects we promise them.”

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