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The pressure on retail banks and other financial institutions in Canada remains high. This makes innovation and customer satisfaction more important than ever for players in the retail banking industry, ”says a retail banking industry expert at Infiniti Research.

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Trends in Retail Banking in Canada

Unbundling services

Canada will soon be exposed to open banking regulations that will fragment traditional pools of retail assets and liabilities. Open banking refers to common interfaces between banks and third parties to facilitate more competition and create new business opportunities. Although retail banking companies have sought a vertical approach offering top-down services for several decades, many new entrants to retail banking now want to be “horizontal” and dominate an attractive specialty.

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Rising interest rates

Interest rates are gradually rising from their historic lows and consumers will soon be faced with debt levels. The retail banking sector will reflect the changing environment with a greater focus on the impact of rising interest rates, lending transparency and new innovative value propositions. Continued rising rates may result in lower personal loan offerings, but lending solutions such as installment loans and point-of-sale financing will shift the market toward time-sensitive sources of credit.


Innovation is vital for retail banking companies to effectively meet consumer demands. Much of the financial services industry in Canada revolves around the digital age and growing consumer expectations for convenient, frictionless digital access. As more consumers seek streamlined solutions, retail banking companies in Canada will soon focus on providing “one-stop-shops” that bring together both products and services on a single platform.

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