Jamesport City Council agreed to a wages ordinance on April 11and. City Clerk Shelley Page reports the order added Zack King as a new employee. His salary is $17 an hour.

According to unapproved meeting minutes, King informed the council that the street department needed to purchase a cold patch, so that the patch could begin on some hard-surface streets. The cost for 12 tons delivered would be $1,260. Street Commissioner Geoff Eads advised King to go ahead with buying the cold patch.

Council accepted a proposal from Kramer Contracting to repair and re-clad the City Hall overhang. The total project, including work around office hours and tourists, will cost $3,410.

The City Clerk has received notice from the city’s water supplier, Livingston County Public Water Supply District Number 4, that city rates will increase by 3%. The council decided the increase would not be passed on to Jamesport water customers at this time.

A resolution was passed to allow the Town of Jamesport to open an account for centennial money. The city clerk will manage the account like other city accounts. Invoices must be approved by the council before payments are made.

Mayor Dana Urton has nominated Pastor Brad Dush of the Jamesport Methodist Church to take a seat on the park’s board.

Visitor Harvey Yoder asked the council if they could place beehives on the waterworks property. The board said the plant is up and running, and members felt that would not be in the best interests of those water customers.

Visitor Norman Ropp asked the council if he could have dirt from a ditch that had been cleaned last fall. The council allows him to take the land, but the council has asked him to make sure there are no ruts left.

Incumbents Brandon Robb and Rob Murphy have been sworn in. Mayor Dana Urton made no changes to the officers’ previous assignment. The officers are Geoff Eads as Street Commissioner, Brandon Robb for Cemetery, Rob Murphy for Finance and Earle Wright as Acting Mayor.

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