Budget Highlights

Highlights of Mayor Satya-Rhodes-Conway’s proposed operating budget of $ 358.6 million for 2022. (Some agency budgets include federal funds, including those made available during the COVID-19 pandemic. )

Housing operations of the Community Development Authority: $ 31.9 million, an increase of 23.6%, including a $ 5.4 million increase in housing assistance payments.

Community Development Division: $ 23.9 million, an increase of 14.5%, including an additional $ 150,000 for homeless services; $ 1 million in federal funds for a potential tenant assistance program; $ 2 million in federal funds to create a potential endowment for homeless operating funds; and $ 650,000 in federal funds to increase summer jobs for young people.

Firefighters: $ 65 million, a 2.7% increase, including $ 1 million to fund 10 full-time fire stations to ensure adequate response times, including areas around the city of Madison that will part of town on October 31, 2022.

Library: $ 21.4 million, a decrease of 0.9% reflecting reductions in service and procurement budgets.

Metro transport: $ 63.5 million, an increase of 2.1%, including a state subsidy of $ 5.2 million to offset a $ 8.8 million reduction in state aid and reinstatement of service levels before the pandemic by mid-2022 using $ 15 million in federal grants.

Monona terrace: $ 13.3 million, a 4.9% increase to align with scheduled events and forecast revenue.

Office of the Independent Observer: $ 459,308, an increase of 1.9%, including funds for three positions and the Civilian Police Oversight Board.

Parks: $ 18.9 million, a decrease of 0.6%, including small reductions for supplies and other expenses.

Police: $ 87.8 million, an increase of 1.8%, including the hiring of eight new police officers, an academy to hire for vacancies and a new “director of police reform and innovation” to improve data collection and analysis.

Public health: $ 25.5 million, an increase of 18.2%, including funds for the COVID-19 response with 19 new positions.

Sewer utility: $ 49.6 million, a decrease of 3.4%, including an expected 5% rate increase due to increased costs and lower interest on reserves.

Rainwater service: $ 20.6 million, an increase of 2.8%, including an anticipated rate increase of 7% due to lower interest and increased contributions to reserves.

Street division: $ 38 million, an increase of 1.1%, including salary savings to reflect turnover trends. Recommends a special sorting fee by July 2022 to generate $ 1.5 million over six months to support recycling.