Internationally renowned and trusted grass-fed dairy products, grown in New Zealand’s beautiful rural landscape, account for a quarter of New Zealand’s exports by value. The production of milk for these products is an electricity intensive process.

Solagri Energy, a Canterbury-based company, has built an innovative renewable energy business to serve this dynamic sector of our economy, a business powered by the sun and the earth, and which will support New Zealand dairy farmers towards sustainability and the profitability.

Over the past 4 years, Solagri has worked with farmers and engineers to build and refine a solar solution optimized for New Zealand dairy farms. Solagri Energy’s capital-less solution means farmers can have an innovative, grid-connected solar generation system without the significant upfront cost.

“The technology is advanced, but the model is quite simple,” says managing director Peter Saunders. “The farmers provide us with a small plot of land, about a quarter of a hectare, where we build the solar panel.

In return, they receive solar electricity produced on their own farm at a fixed price for 20 years. There is no capital cost to the farmer, any unused electricity will feed into the local grid. “

Solagri is currently working on the development of its battery energy management system. Having recently received Callaghan Innovation funding, they expect batteries to become an integral part of the offering over the next 12-18 months.

“The inclusion of batteries will improve solar energy efficiency and allow us to store grid electricity for use in the shed during morning milking. They will also make the farm much more energy resilient, as the shed can continue to milk when the power goes out, ”Saunders says.

Solagri is a New Zealand-based solar power generation company that builds and operates solar panels on rural properties


Solagri is a New Zealand-based solar power generation company that builds and operates solar panels on rural properties

Dairy farmer Richard Stalker, whose dairy farm has been running for eighteen months with the Solagri solar and battery pilot system, says: “The Solagri system is not only good for our bottom line, it also improves the durability and resilience of the product. our farm.

Each system is dimensioned specifically for the dairy shed it serves to ensure sufficient production. The systems are installed on a unique solar shelving system ensuring quick and efficient installation.

Because the systems are ground mounted, no building permits are required and Solagri takes care of every detail right up to the network fence for security. Solagri also manages all the monitoring and continuous maintenance of the installations at its expense, so it is as easy as possible for the farmer.

Solagri Energy has successfully completed a capital increase which provides for the switch to solar energy for 125 initial farms. Canterbury farmers are offered Solagri energy systems, but significant interest is received from farmers across the country.

The Solagri team is on the ground across Canterbury and will call and meet you at the hangar. Solagri also organizes virtual “local meetings” for farmers looking for additional information.

Solagri Energy is a Canterbury-based renewable energy company providing capital-free solar service to the dairy sector. They believe in an environmentally sustainable agro-industry, a more resilient energy supply and competitive agricultural energy prices.

Their vision is to create New Zealand’s most innovative rural energy company.

For more information visit or call 0508 765 2474.

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