Installment loans are one type of loan that allows you to receive the cash in one lump sum, and pay it over time by making a fixed monthly installment.

There are two kinds of installment loans to choose from various installment lenders…:

Secured loans

Are secured by collateral – something you promise to provide to the lender in case you fail to repay the loan. This kind of loan may be easier to get since there’s less risk to the lender.

Do not require collateral. Because of the greater risk for lenders, this kind of loan could have some slightly higher rates of interest in comparison to secured loans.

Unsecured Loans

They can be utilized to fulfill a variety of uses. Here are a few typical installment loans you might come across:

A personal loan 

Generally are not secured however there are a few lenders who provide secure personal loans. Personal loan to pay for virtually any personal expenditure. For instance, you can make use of the debt consolidation loan to pay off your debt, as well as a house improvement loan to fund home repairs.

Credit cards 

Are utilized for the purchase of cars that are secured through the car.


Are a way to purchase houses using the homes being used as collateral.

Student loans for private use

Are non-secured loans you can take to help pay for your college schooling.

Where can you find an installment loan?

If you’re thinking about what you can do to get the loan Don’t fret -there are numerous lenders who provide installment loans, including:

Internet-based lenders

Offer rapid access for installment loans and sometimes have lower conditions than banks or credit unions. If you’re in the minority or have decent credit scores, you may find it easier to be approved from an online loan.


Might provide higher limits on loans and more limits than online lenders. But, bank loans are also more stringent criteria to be eligible.

Credit unions 

Are not-for-profit institutions and, as such, generally have low-interest rates than banks. Be aware that you’ll need to sign up with the credit union before you are able to get a loan, however.